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Discover the healing power of nature poetry as it relates to the human spirit. All 3 of my bestselling collections of nature and grief themed poetry are available in paperback via Amazon or Book Depository, below. For autographed books and book sets, and custom hand-typed poems, visit my Etsy shop. Thank you so much for reading and supporting. Don't forget to subscribe to my website, so you can receive my blog updates, emails, access to exclusive giveaways, and more.



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Each signed copy comes with a hand-typed poem from the back cover of the book.



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Hi! I'm Tiffany Aurora. Welcome to my website. Don't forget to subscribe

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I am a mother, writer, lyricist, artist, and the author of 3 bestselling collections of nature and grief themed poetry: SUNRISE EYES & HALLELUJAH BREATH (2020)THERE IS ALWAYS UNIVERSE (2019) and THE WILD KEEPS HER HOLY (2018). 

Born and raised near the California Pacific,

I fell in love with The Rocky Mountains of Utah and can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. 

I write poetry in my own contemporary style, sealed with a classic twist. I am also an experienced lyricist, and have had the privilege of working with some incredible

musical voices to create the perfect lyrics for their tunes. Aurora is my real middle name ( I get asked this question on the daily) and I drink tea anytime of day.

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Walk through the pine filled forests of The Rocky Mountains. Breathe in salty air from the Pacific Ocean. Lay in butterfly filled meadows, as you take a unique, poetic journey through Mother Nature as it relates to the human spirit, and renew your soul.



A collection of nature and grief poetry, THERE IS ALWAYS UNIVERSE is an ode to the elements and the power of the universe that resides within and around us. I touch on love, loss, friendship, hope, forgiveness, mental health, gratitude, and more. Discover the healing power of mother earth themed imagery, woven together with the raw emotion of this fragile and beautiful human existence. Vital & soothing, "Universe" has been hailed by my readers as the "must read" out of all of my books.



THE WILD KEEPS HER HOLY is my bestselling collection of grief & nature poems, each piece having been lovingly placed in order of the four changing seasons, to give the reader a structured healing journey until the very last page. Inspired by my exit from the Mormon church after being a lifelong member and coming to terms with abuse I experienced inside of a church building as a young teen, "Wild" is relatable to anyone who has experienced a loss or heartbreak in their lives. Let me take you through the grieving process using Mother Earth themed poetry in simple but meaningful ways, to touch on self-love, loss, relationships, mental health, forgiveness, & ultimately moving forward. If you are working though grief, this book is for you.



In addition to her poetry, Tiffany is also an accomplished lyricist and contralto, with an ear for vocal harmonies. Email her for more information on creating the perfect lyrics  for your upcoming album.



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